Urban Food Fest moves indoors to Selfridge’s Food Hall with a new deli

Urban Food Fest moves indoors to Selfridge’s Food Hall

What: Urban Food Fest

In a nutshell: Pizza, wafflewiches and other street food find a new permanent indoor home

Summing it all up: Selfridges’ Food Hall is about to become home to Urban Food Fest, the deli for the street food market usually found in more the more bracing outdoor climes of Shoreditch. There’ll be jam jar cocktails, foccacia pizza and lots more, with a rotating menu, and it’s open ‘til 9 most nights.


The low-down

Selfridges, staying ever on top of the latest foodie trends is now the home of a new food deli, which’ll be run until 9pm most days.

It’s the indoors version of Urban Food Fest - in a deli counter form - and it’ll be living in the department store’s food hall. East Londoners will have previously spotted it in during its time as an outdoor market in Shoreditch.

The menu will change regularly across the week, but some of the grub you’ll be able to get your hands on while you wander the aisles include hefty sandwiches with fillings like prosciutto crudo, or a New Yorker with peppery pastrami served on sourdough. If you’d like something hot, but still primarily carbohydrates with lovely toppings then there’ll be focaccia pizza - including one particularly luxe-sounding ‘Provencal Truffle Oil Foccacia Pizza’ which comes with the most welcome bonus of blue cheese and fresh figs.

For those who’re taking their sweet tooth extra seriously, there’ll be ample ‘wafflewiches’ available, new deli desserts created especially for Urban Food Fest. You'll be able to get them in chocolate egg, s’mores, cookies and cream and their original variation.

However, if you’d rather not completely blow your diet to kingdom come, then there will be a couple of slightly more calorifically-reasonable options. There are some British-style biltong called Meat Bites, yoghurt-coated edamame, chilli peanuts and other nibbles to keep you going.

On the alcohol front, it’s jam jar cocktails as far as the eye can see, which will only help Selfridge’s conjure up that ‘Shoreditch vibe’. From what we can tell, the refreshing Selfridges Rocker is the one to go for, made with Tanqueray Gin, crushed fresh raspberries, Green Lady ice tea, sparkling elderflower and lime.


More about Urban Food Fest at Selfridges

Where is it? Selfridges Food Hall, Selfridges, Orchard Street Entrance, London, W1A 1AB

When does it open? Now

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @urbanfoodfest and on Instagram @UrbanFoodFest.