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Time travel to the 1920’s at the Evans & Peel Pharmacy’s secret bar in W4

What: The Evans & Peel Pharmacy

In a nutshell: Immersive speakeasy cocktails

Summing it all up: Evans & Peel are building off their Earl’s Court venue to create the Pharmacy, a new bar in Chiswick where visitors will be led through a secret entrance way into the hidden bar. There’ll be passwords, classic American grub and of course, Old Fashioneds.


The low-down

Missing The Manhattan Club? Can’t get a spot at The Bletchley? Now you can get your fix of immersive food and drink from the theatrical new project from Evans & Peel Detective Agency - the Evans & Peel Pharmacy.

With a postcode that starts with W4 (that’s Chiswick, for the uninformed), we know that yes, for most, in IS a bit far out of London. But it looks like it could be a lot of fun and worth the adventure to Zone 3. 

On arrival, you’ll walk into a vintage pharmacy, before being led through a secret entrance by a lab-coat wearing pharmacist. From there on out, it’s all secret passwords, blacked out windows, mysterious drawers and antique furniture will help create the 1920s atmosphere before its time for you to lay into the drinks. Japanese whiskeys, wines and spirits will all feature, as well as Champagnes, plural (always a good sign) and an extensive cocktail lists with Old Fashioneds and more. Food will be of the American classics variety, so think grilled cheese sandwiches, which they’ll be serving in cigar boxes, which sounds charming, if not historically accurate. 


More about The Evans & Peel Pharmacy

Where is it? 42 Devonshire Road, Chiswick, London W4 2HD

When does it open? 21 August

Soft launch information: 21-27 August - Follow them on Instagram and Facebook for 30% off with your booking, or get 50% off when you ask the venue’s ‘Detective’ for penicillin (which sounds a lot more fun.)

Find out more: Visit Evans & Peel’s website or follow them on Instagram @evansandpeel.


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