There's a new Andina on the way as Casita Andina Comes to Soho

There's a new Andina on the way as Casa Andina Comes to Soho

After heading east for his last two ventures, Martin Morales is coming back to Soho for his next - Casita Andina.

As with the first Andina (that's a pic from the original Andina above), you can expect them to focus on the cuisine of the Andes and in the kitchen they've taken on Vitelio Reyes, who was previously Senior Sous Chef at Lima Floral. On their menu - which is promised to be entirely gluten free - you can expect: 

  • Maca Lamb – huacatay marinated lamb loin, garlic maca uchucuta, heritage Peruvian potatoes, St George’s mushrooms, crushed spicy cancha
  • La Soltera – black quinoa, green peas, oca, lamb’s lettuce, queso fresco sauce
  • Cobia Tiradito – sustainable black king fish, rocoto tiger's milk, pickled pineapple, nasturtium
  • Chupe – king prawns, coriander quinoa chicharrones, chupe liquor
  • A dessert of Choc con Sauco – melt-in-the-middle Peruvian chocolate, queso fresco mousse, pisco-infused elderberries.

The restaurant will have 58 seats across two floors, with a ceviche counter, a pisco bar and a takeaway area on the ground floor. And there's a teeny bit of alfresco upstairs as they will have a patio that seats eight. 

Casita Andina opens on 31 Great Windmill Street, Soho, London, W1D 7LP on July 28th. For more, follow them on Twitter @AndinaLondon 

Vitelio Reyes