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We make no bones about our love for Crosstown Doughnuts, so news that there are two more seasonal flavours to try will have us heading down there sharpish. Not only have they just launched a new Dulce de Leche doughnut but they're bringing out another new edition flavour today - the Chilli Chocolate doughnut. If you need more than that to entice you, know that it's a chocolate sourdough ball filled with a chilli-infused dark chocolate custard, topped with a white chocolate icing, candied red chilli pieces and a dusting of cocoa powder.

On the downside it's only going to be available from Thursdays to Sundays, so you'll need to plan your visit accordingly. But that Dulce de Leche one - filled with a Dulce de Leche custard, hand-dipped in a banana glaze and topped with cinnamon crumble - will be a regular, on every day.

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