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The Trellis skyscraper will have London's highest restaurant

There's more high-rise dining on the way as permission has just been given for a new 73 storey building at 1 Undershaft (in The City) which has already been given the nickname of The Trellis (and as we've seen, these names tend to stick). That will make the building the second highest in western Europe, being only a shade shorter than the Shard.

While it will also have a free viewing gallery at the top (unlike the somewhat pricey one at the Shard) they're making use of some of that space for what they promise will be London's highest restaurant. But alas that's all we know right now as the building isn't going to be complete until the 2020s. So yes, a somewhat lengthy wait in line for this restaurant. 

Picture by Dbox for Eric Parry Architects

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