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The new faces of London food at Kerb

newfaces-mainPart of the Urban Food Fortnight (12-28th September), last week's The New Faces of London Food ticked all the boxes for a fantastic street food bonanza. Hosted by KERB at The Paperworks in Elephant and Castle, an outdoor semi-industrial space with tons of street art, strings of light bulbs and excellent Caribbean music, the carnival-like atmosphere made for a brilliant evening.

First to the bar which offered up a good selection of drinks. The cocktails included spicy and refreshing ginger mojitos and coco caipirinhas - a tropical twist on a classic made with coconut water. There were around a dozen craft beers to choose from, our favourite being the pale ale from the Brixton Brewery. After kicking off with a cocktail, we headed in for the food.

Although there weren't a huge number of food stands, there was a wide variety of cuisines on offer. We started at The Dusty Knuckle, a Hackney-based bakery, where we enjoyed their delightfully doughy, warm and fluffy flatbreads with BBQ leg of lamb, harissa, yoghurt and salad.

The culinary high of the evening was BBQ Dreamz, a Filipino-inspired barbecue, who served up the most divine lumpia – handmade spring rolls filled with prawn, squid and ginger, served with a spicy banana ketchup. We also sampled their warming and traditional chicken adobo curry – a cane vinegar stew, served with jasmine rice and pickled carrots and peas.

There's an R in the month which made it the perfect time to visit the Soleshare stand. They’re London’s first community-supported fishery, and they’re knowledgeable and friendly when it comes to their seafood. The oysters were served with chilled prosecco and went down a treat.

Just when we thought we couldn’t fit any more in, we found the Bad Boys Bakery, brought to fame by Gordon Ramsay, who provided the perfect sweet treats to top off the evening. The lemon treacle tart was tangy and comfortingly sweet in equal parts, and the gooey chocolate brownie was deliciously moist and rich. All the cakes were baked in HM Brixton Prison that day.

The New Faces of London Food was a celebration of Urban Food Routes – an organisation supported by Seeds of Change and the Mayor of London, that helps a variety of London’s small food enterprises to gain the advice and funding they need to allow them to thrive and benefit their local community. We had a chance to see it in action that night, watching a young new member of The Dusty Knuckle team being trained up in the art of artisan baking, confirming the need for organisations like Urban Food Routes, and events like The New Faces of London Food.

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