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The Martell Club Gascon dinner (and how to try some of it yourselves)

The Martell Club Gascon dinner (and how to try some of it yourselves)

Given how innovative Club Gascon's chef Pascal Aussignac's dishes always are for Taste of London - it wasn't a hard decision to accept an invite to a special dinner he was putting on last week.

The occasion was to celebrate the French brand house Martell's 300th birthday, which they in turn have marked by coming up with the Martell France 300 project - a list of the 300 most influential French talents across gastronomy, art, fashion, mixology and entertainment. Aussignac is on the list as is Clotilde Lataille from Hawksmoor Spitalfields who was there turning out some incredible cocktails.

On the night our epic dinner was as follows:

  • Bone Marrow, Martell, Seaweed & Aquitaine Caviar Cappuccino Of Foie Gras,
  • Chicory & Martell Eclade Of Lobster & Mussels,
  • Pine-Smoked Martell Sabayon “Tipsy” White Gold Fish, Autumn Truffle, Pumpkin Pulp & Toasted Seeds
  • Roquefort Macaron, Smoky Martell & Pickled Cobnuts
  • Gascon Mess

But rather than this just being an exercise in 'look at what a lovely dinner we had' - although we really did - now anyone can enjoy one of the dishes and cocktails we had on the night, as Club Gascon is putting it on their menus from this week.

That would be Clothilde's Can-Can 300 cocktail (Martell Cordon Bleu, Byrrh, IPA syrup) and the truly excellent roquefort macaron (they work surprisingly well) with Martell Cognac and pickled cobnuts. Well worth getting down to Club Gascon to try them out. 

Club Gascon is at 57 W Smithfield, London EC1A 9DS. For more, follow them on Twitter @Club_Gascon.

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