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charcoalSo you've bought some meticulously sourced flat iron steak, have a very decent bottle of Californian red from your local vintner ready to drink for your BBQ, but all this is for naught if you haven't considered what you're actually cooking your food on. Thankfully The Ginger Pig have done the legwork for you. From next week they'll be selling an exclusive brand of charcoal created in partnership with The London Log Company.

The resulting Chef’s Blend is a mix of beech, birch, oak and ash with a little English fruitwood, made traditionally in small batches with wood from sustainable English woodland. Charcoal obsesssive Mark Parr certainly knows his stuff - supplying to Hawksmoor and Foxlow kitchens as well as other top restaurants in the capital. Parr has also built wood-fired grills for Kitty Fisher's and The Culpeper.

According to The Ginger Pig, the charcoal's aromatic flavours work especially well with dry aged beef and grass fed lamb, but are subtle enough to use with all meats.

Chef's Blend goes on sale from 26 June 2015 at Ginger Pig 's Clapham, Shepherd’s Bush, Hackney, Marylebone and Barnes shops. A 5kg box will cost £25. Keep with their news on Twitter @gingerpigltd

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