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The London Laksa Bar sets up a residency in Dalston

If you love your laksa, then there's a new place to head straight for in Dalston. The London Laksa Bar sees them moving from their Broadway market stall into L'Atelier cafe.

It will, of course mainly focus on Laksa. If you've yet to try the dish, it's a noodle soup that originated from Malaysia and Singapore. And the bar will feature their signature dishes from the stall and lots more, including:

  • Singapore Laksa - Rice Vermicelli noodle soup, with chicken, King prawns, sh balls and fried tofu. Served with a spicy fresh coconut curry Laksa broth, topped with fresh Laksa mint, coriander, crunchy onion, cucumber, beansprouts and sambal chilli.
  • Prawn Laksa - Rice Vermicelli noodle soup, with King Prawns and fried tofu. Served with a spicy fresh coconut curry Laksa broth, topped with fresh Laksa mint, coriander, crunchy onion, cucumber, beansprouts and sambal chilli.
  • Laksa Fried Chicken - Deep Fried crunchy Chicken, marinated in fresh laksa curry paste with a crunchy coconut coating. 
  • Assam Laksa - Rice Vermicelli noodle soup, with Mackerel & Prawn. Served with a hot and sour spicy broth, true to its authentic Assam name (Malay for Samarind) topped with fresh Laksa mint, coriander, crunchy red onion, cucumber, beansprouts and sambal chilli.

Alongside this, they'll have wines and craft beers paired to match the flavours of laksa, plus a new Kombucha based cocktail - which they've created by pairing with Cult of Treehouse. On offer the 'Booch Craft' cocktail which is a combination of Kombucha and Craft Lager and also the 'Booch Fizz' cocktail made from combining Cult of Treehouse Kombucha with Prosecco. 

What: London Laksa Bar

Where: L'Atelier cafe, 31 Stoke Newington Road, London N16 8BJ

When: From 26 May 2017, for two months (and maybe longer). There's 50% off food on 26 and 27 May. 

Find out more: Follow them on Twitter @londonlaksa.


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