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The Holy Birds, an all-poultry restaurant is landing in the City

The people behind The Hoxton Pony and Wringer and Mangle, The Calabrese Brothers, have their next restaurant on the way. It's a poultry restaurant (not just chicken!) based around the 1960's music & art scene, called The Holy Birds. This City restaurant is on Petticoat Lane (and alas not actually on Poultry).

Holy Birds is a restaurant bar and lounge, with the restaurant bit being upstairs. That's going to be the poultry-stacked restaurant serving free-range birds from chicken, duck and grouse to wood pigeon, quail and pheasant. So a step beyond your usual chicken restaurant.

As for the bar downstairs, that's sounding pretty special too. They're joining up with their father, legendary cocktail maestro Salvatore Calabrese, for the first time.  As he himself started in the industry in the 60s, he's pulled together a list of authentic cocktails from the time. 

We're still waiting to hear more about the menu and drinks - we'll add the info here as soon as we have it. 

The Holy Birds opens on 22 November 2016 on 94 Middlesex Street, London E1 7EZ. They're having a soft launch from 22-25 November with 50% off food for lunch (12pm - 3pm) and dinner (6pm - 9:45pm). Email to book. For more, follow them on Twitter @theholybirds.

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