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The Draper's Arms wins the 2017 Scotch Egg Challenge

Last night, the competition to REALLY test the judges taking part was unleashed as Scotch Egg Challenge 2017 took place. Those judging had to wade through 15 different scotch eggs in order to crown this year's winner - with beef, prawn, veggie, haggis and more scotch eggs being thrown into the mix.

But of the 15 - only three went away with prizes and those were....

  • 1st place - The Drapers Arms egg with haggis and panko breadcrumbs
  • 2nd place - Neil Rankin's egg with Lincon russet beef with middle white pork, salt, pepper and MSG.
  • 3rd place - the full English breakfast egg from MyPie - with 4 sausage meats and cornflakes

And if you fancy trying that winner - then all you have to do is head on over to The Drapers Arms in Islington where they'll have the winning egg on the menu. 

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