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This weekend, bakers from London's top architectural firms and colleges got together for the annual WATG Great Architectural Bake-off. And if you're a fan of the showstopper section of the Great British Bake Off, then you're in for a treat.

Here are our favourite of this year's entries of London buildings rendered in sponge and buttercream. Enjoy.

barbicanThe Barbican - Benoy [Winner]. Chocolate fudge, wafer, blueberry swirl, ginger and Nutella

gasholdersGasholders London - Wilkinson Eyre

towerbridgeTower Bridge - Make Architects

imperialwarmuseumImperial War Museum - Stride Treglown

robinhoodRobin Hood Gardens - London Metropolitan University [Winner] Ginger, pistachio and classic Victoria sponge

MI6MI6 - Farrells

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