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Beautiful weather driving you mad as you broil slowly in your office? Fed up of seeing everyone else's Instagram feeds full of shots of gorgeous meals being enjoyed by the beach somewhere a million miles from London? At least with London chefs and bartenders' new-found passion for seaweed, you can bring the taste of the seaside to you.

 seaweed delanceyTokyo x Delancey - black rye bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon, wasabi infused tobiko and black sesame seeds with seaweed salad at Delancey & Co

seaweed hookSkin-on, twice-cooked chips finished in Seaweed Salt made in-house at Hook in Camden.

seaweed vintageDirty Sea martini - made with seaweed infused vodka and dry vermouth at Vintage Salt on the rooftop at Selfridges.

seaweed balconWarm salmon fillet, seaweed, quinoa and citrus salad on the new brunch menu at Balcon.

seaweed k10Kaiso Seaweed Salad in a miso vinaigrette with edamame beans and shredded carrot at K10.

seaweed mazegrill2Young kale and nori salad with shaved bottarga and egg at Maze Grill Park Walk.

seaweed blackvanilla2Persian Lime & Nori Seaweed Margarita with Ocho Tequila paired with Kiwi Sorbetto at Grown-Ups Cocktail and Gelato bar above Black Vanilla in Greenwich

seaweed lyles2Gull's Egg & Seaweed from Lyles at the Daily Special - a new stand appearing for the first time at this year's Taste of London.

seaweed tonicSmoked Eel and Mackerel, Jelly and Seaweed Scones at Tonic & Remedy

 Credit: Lyles photo by Pers Anders Jorgensen

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