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St John Bakery Rooms to open on Maltby StreetHot Dinners Exclusive.

One of the great lures of Maltby St Market is getting there early enough to ensure you walk away with a stash of St John's legendary custard doughnuts.

Following the opening of their bakery on Druid Street and a stall on Ropewalk comes news of a sit- down bakery opening there next month. We get the inside scoop.

What you need to know

Where is it going to be? The new St Johns will be on the Ropewalk and will seat between 40 and 50 people.

What sort of food will it serve? The daily-changing menu will include savouries, lunch dishes and our bacon sandwich for breakfast. But it will always include their amazing breads, Eccles cakes, madelaines and the famous doughnuts – whose flavours change daily according to the whims of their bakers and the seasons.

Will it replace the Bakery? No, that will continue to open on Saturday and Sunday mornings on Druid Street.

Does the new place have a license? St John has been selling their wines for a while as takeaway from the bakery. Now they'll have a good selection from the restaurant list by the glass or bottle as well as takeaway.

"It has taken a little time but we are now settled in our bakery on Druid Street," St John's Trevor Gulliver told Hot Dinners. "A lovely weekend scene has developed with people not just coming down to buy good things but now to linger, eat, drink and enjoy too, all in a most convivial atmosphere."

St John Bakery Rooms will open 14 June on the Ropewalk at Arch 42, Maltby Street Market. Opening hours will be Saturday - 9am-3.30pm; Sunday 11am-3.30pm

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