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Sparrow in Lewisham

What: Sparrow

In a nutshell: From Italian to Sri Lankan, Malay and beyond, and all cooked with seasonal ingredients.

Summing it all up: A husband-and-wife duo who met in the kitchens of St. John’s are bringing their extremely ample experience to a new restaurant in Lewisham. There'll be a changing menu, brunch and the whole thing looks like an absolute corker.


The low-down

A new restaurant on its way to Lewisham, from a husband and wife team who met in the St. John Kitchen.

That’s not the only name they’ve got behind them - their CV reads like a veritable who’s who on the London dining scene. From Terry Blake, you’ve got experience chalked up in BAO, Merchant’s Tavern as well as St. John, while Yohini Nandakumar has the Pollen Street Social and The Square - not to mention numerous other eateries in their respective countries of origin. An auspicious start indeed.

So what kind of food will be on offer? Well, the ingredients will the focus largely British meat and veg, but the menu itself will be quite changeable. It’s all to do with what they fancy, so it could be a real mixed bag depending on what day you eat there.

“We’re not specific to a place or a country,” says Sri Lankan-born Yohini. “One week we might put a classic Italian dish on the menu, and other times we’ll make a crunchy Malay-style salad with whatever is in season.”

However, some of the dishes very likely to be making an appearance at some point include:

  • Courgette trifolati and roasted spring onion bruschetta
  • Glazed ham slices, served with home baked sourdough and rhubarb relish
  • Roast pork belly spiked with harissa
  • Malt duck with chilli jam

And for desserts…

  • Salted chocolate caramel tart
  • Condensed milk ice-cream affogato
  • Nutmeg custard tart

Weekenders will also be able to get their hands on brunch, including coconut pancakes with peanut caramel and appam, a traditional Sri Lankan pancake made from fermented rice batter. Or for traditionalists: eggs benedict and ozone coffee.


More about Sparrow

Where is it? 2 Rennell Street, Lewisham, London SE13 7HD

When does it open? 21 March, 2017 (50% off soft launch until 26 March)

How to book: Call 020 8318 6941 (from 15 March 2017)

Find out more: Visit Sparrow’s homepage or follow them on Twitter @sparrowlondon.

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