Sourdough cake and slow fermented bakes at Bloomsbury’s Fortitude Bakehouse

Sourdough cake and slow fermented bakes at Bloomsbury’s Fortitude Bakehouse

What: Fortitude Bakehouse

In a nutshell: Artisanal baked goods in Bloomsbury

Summing it all up: Breakfasts, lunches, sourdough cakes and other bakes to go - and a sliver of space to sit in - at Bloomsbury’s new craft baker, and plenty for gluten-free and vegans.


The low-down

What makes fermented dough even more trendy? When it’s *slow* fermented dough, of course, which is exactly what hip new Bloomsbury bakery Fortitude Bakehouse will be focusing on. Their unusual cake will be made from sourdough, and yes, there’ll be gluten and vegan bakes too.

It comes from Jorge Fernandez and Dee Rettali - who have an impressive history behind them. Jorge Fernandez managed The Monmouth Coffee Company for six years before founding Fernandez & Wells while Dee founded Patisserie Organic in 1998. So they've got form. 

The new craft bakery will be keeping us all nicely carbed up with a range of delicately flavoured baked goods, with classic ingredients like poppy seed and cardamom sitting alongside more creative additions like squash, thyme and black tea.

Some of the goodies on offer will include:

  • Fermented barabrith with honey and black tea
  • Lemon, yoghurt, poppy seed sourdough
  • Squash, cardamom, pumpkin seed, chia cake
  • Buckwheat, vanilla cream sable biscuit
  • Lemon, rosewater, pistachio buns
  • Apple and thyme crumbles with chestnut flour

Fortitude only has small bit of counter space to sit in, so for now you'll see them mainly offering takeaway options. On top of the bakes, you'll be able to grab a breakfast, lunches, or just a slice of sourdough cake to go. You could also try a stonerolled Postcard Tea which - for the uninformed - means tea that’s been ground between massive slabs granite and rolled at a set before its ready to brew.


More about Fortitude Bakehouse

Where is it? 35 Colonnade, London WC1N 1JA

When does it open? 1 March 2018

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @fortitudebakehouse.


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