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dehesaMondays are always a bit of a drag, so beat those back to work blues next week at La Sagra a Dehesa - an Italian street food fiesta in Soho next Monday evening.

Orchestrated by Salt Yard Group’s Ben Tish has organised this together with his head chef at Dehesa, Gianncarlo Vatteroni and there will be plenty of great food and drinks on offer including piadinas hot off the barbecue, artisan Italian beers and homemade gelato cornettos.

From 6-9pm you can enjoy food from their barbecue including rolled piadina with grilled piccos; Italian style sausage with rocket and Parmesan; Grilled parmesan in piadina-foccaccina; and calda calda all served alongside artisan Italian beers and a range of cocktails. And who cares if it does look like snowing, because there's always room in our lives for homemade gelato cornettos in a variety of flavours, including espresso, chocolate, grappa and pistachio.

La Sagra a Dehesa will be on Monday 25th March 2013 from 6-9pm (outside Dehesa on Ganton Street).

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