Salt Bae is finally opening his London Nusr-Et steak restaurant in Knightsbridge

Salt Bae London

Updated 23/9/21 with the opening date

Sometimes restaurants take a little while to get from concept to actually coming to life and this is a good example. We're now four years in from initially publishing a story about Salt Bae opening in London and only now is it becoming a reality. Yes indeed - Salt Bae has arrived in London!

Along with many people, we've become obsessed with the arrival of Salt Bae's new restaurant in London, along with the arrival of the man himself. We have also become even more obsessed with his Instagram feed, in particular his exercise regime. How did he lift those rocks in Mykonos? Why is he running down the beach laden with weights? And hang on, is he smoking cigars in his private plane? Honestly, check in on his Instagram stories daily - you won't regret it. 

Now he's finally arrived in Knightsbridge and has announced the London opening... but is London ready for him? 

Salt Bae is opening his London Nusr-Et steak restaurant in Knightsbridge - and he's arrived!

As it's been a while since the original announcement, here's a little catch up on "who in the hell is Salt Bae?" We refer you to the video that originally went flipping mental on Instagram. It featured an as-then-unknown Turkish restaurateur Nusret Gökçe cutting and then seasoning a piece of steak. Yes, that is all. But it's the WAY he seasoned the steak with a crazy flourish that swiftly turned him into a major meme. Last time we checked, the video had been watched nearly 17m times. You'll have to watch it yourself to see what all the hoopla is about.

Salt Bae is opening his London Nusr-Et steak restaurant in Knightsbridge - and he's arrived!

Since then, he's opened restaurants all over the globe and has become a huge star along the way. One of the most recent was in New York which, while it hasn't had the most positive of reviews so far, was certainly packing them in after the launch (with Nusret on hand with his customary flourish). 

So here's what we know about the London outpost so far. His signature dishes will be ‘Roasted Asado Short Rib’, ‘Nusr-Et Meat Spaghetti’, ‘Lokum’, and the ‘Nusr-Et Special’ which is steak covered in 24-carat gold. We kid you not. And apparently, Nusret Gökçe himself will be "personally selecting every cut".  There also looks to be a decent amount of alfresco dining space.

It's bound to be one of the most talked-about restaurant openings this Autumn. Will you be going?


More about Nusr-Et Steakhouse London

Where is it? The Park Tower Knightsbridge, 101 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7RN

When does it open? 23 September 2021

How to book: call 0182 168 7738

Find out more: Visit their website and follow him on Instagram @nusr_et