Sakagura Japanese restaurant is coming to Mayfair

Sakagura Japanese restaurant is coming to Mayfair

A new Japanese restaurant is heading to Mayfair, and it's the latest London restaurant from The Japan Centre Group (they're also behind Shoryu Ramen). This new place also sees them linking up with some other partners - including The Araki so it'll be a much more high-end venture for them than before.  

It's going to be serving a Southern Japanese menu, by their Executive Chef Kanji Furukawa and Head Chef Jin Yackshin. It'll primarily be serving ‘Washoku’ which uses rice, miso and fish in each meal. They'll also have Hakata yakitori, grilled skewers, hand-made udon and soba noodles and freshly made sushi.  

As for what's on the menu? First up is the Hakata yakitori, including:

  • Kurobuta – Berkshire black pork belly with halen mon sea salt
  • Tuna Nigiri Sushi – freshly prepared tuna sushi hand brushed with soy sauce
  • Wagyu Steak – Japanese wagyu beef steak served with hojiso

Next up is the sushi and sashimi and larger dishes including:

  • Maguro Avocado Tartare with Cotswold Legbar yolk and yuzu lemongrass
  • Kampachi Carpaccio – yellowtail served with house sudachi dressing
  • Tiger Ebi – tiger prawns with moshio salt & lemon
  • Lobster – fresh lobster served on individual Japanese shichirin stoves.

They also have Shokado Bento which has seven dishes: sashimi, agemono, tofu, salad, yakimono, seasonal rice & miso soup

For the drinks, there will be a sake bar run by sake company Gekkeikan - so expect a big range there served in masu cups - and there will be sake-based cocktails there too (including Whisky Risky – a herbal blend of Hakushu 12-year whisky, green Chartreuse, Namazake, citrus fruits and mint leaves)

And as for the look of the place, they're going for contemporary Japanese, with small booths or a large kappo counter to sit at, watching the chefs in action. 

Sakagura opens 15 November at 8 Heddon Street, London W1B 4BU. For more, follow them on Twitter @sakaguraldn