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Retro food gets a makeover at VIVI at Centre Point

30/8/19 - VIVI has now closed


What: VIVI at Centre Point

In a nutshell: Retro dining above Oxford Street

Summing it all up: If you've got a soft spot for the good old days, then head to VIVI where you can enjoy your retro food in London landmark Centre Point with Vivi. Just head to the bridge link, and look for the PlayPlax inspired lights...


The low-down

Retro can a winning style for many things, like decor, or jumpers. But when it comes to food, instead it conjures images of tinned spam, cold prawn cocktail and other foods we've been more than happy to forget...

But now here's VIVI, who'll be setting up as Centre Point's main restaurant with their brave 'nostalgia' themed menu, all served up in digital art-strewn surroundings. 

So that’ll include Home Ec classics like

  • Keen’s twice baked cheddar soufflé
  • Cauliflower cheese croquettes, Lea & Perrins
  • Chicken Kiev, fries, vinegar “salt & shake”
  • VIVI arctic roll, raspberry & lemon
  • Jelly & custard, strawberry, vanilla custard
  • Victoria Sponge

The 16,000 sq ft space itself sounds rather interesting too, with lights designed to mimic the children's toy PlayPlax  - remember that? It's also split into four areas - so there's VIVI Bar (which will also have a VIVI bites menu), VIVI Dining serving the menu above, VIVI Liquid Lounge for fresh juices, smoothies, power shakes and superfood shots and VIVI Gallery for that view.



More about Vivi

Where is it? Centre Point Bridge Link, 101-103 New Oxford Street, London WC1A 1DD

When does it open? 16 February 2019

Soft launch details: Check out our reader offer for Vivi

Find out more: Visit the website and follow them on Twitter @VIVIrestaurant



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