Restaurants in the press: 8-14 September 2014

ferrisThe first in a new regular series where we gather together all the food, restaurant and chef related articles we've found interesting this week. 

How not to book a table

GQ columnist Adam Hyman looks into some of the dodgier techniques employed in trying to get a table in London's hottest restaurants. ""It's amazing how many people claim to be your friends despite having never met them," one chef told me."


Heston's right hand woman

The Financial Times' Nick Lander interviews restaurant PR guru Monica Brown. "The whole business became a wonderland to me although I know I never want to be a chef, a waiter or to own my own restaurant."


The powerhouse behind Chiltern Firehouse

The New York Times run a profile on Andre Balazs and his London hotel and restaurant that's got Marylebone residents up in arms. “It looks like the Fourth of July out there sometimes,” he said. “I understand why it’s irritating as hell.”


London beats out NY for the NYT

Lead food writer for the New York Times magazine Mark BIttman reveals that London's restaurant scene is currently where his heart is at. ""It may be that London, of course a capital of world finance, is also a more fun city than perhaps any other, as long as you have money."


Paying before you dine

Are Londoners going to have to pay when they book their table for dinner? According to the BBC, if an American restaurateur has his way, that's on the cards in the not too distant future. "Tickets will work for a certain kind of restaurant - small, chef-driven, limited seating per night, high demand, etc," says Kokonas.


Plus or ampersand?

 The Evening Standard looks at the branding battle underway on London's restaurant scene. "The increase of the + sign is useful in branding “because it is visually strong and simple but also because it implies a synergy and symmetry between the entities or individuals it links."


London's boom times

It's been a record year for London restaurants according to Richard Corrigan in the Irish Independent. "London is on a massive roll and doesn't seem to have the peaks and troughs that Ireland goes through." 

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