Racine's epic grouse returns for one night only at Craft London

grouse racine

If you were tempted by blogger Chris Pople's elegiac account of eating grouse at Racine last year, only to have your hopes at replicating that meal dashed when chef Henry Harris decided to close the restaurant down, then we have good news for you. Henry is returning to the pass for a night at Craft London to cook up a game supper worth snapping up tickets for now.

It's the first in a series of collaborations for Craft London with owner Stevie Parle and Henry joining forces on a one-off four course menu. And it comes in at what sounds like an utter bargain - £45. Just take a gander at that menu...

Smoked Duck Breast, Cured Lop Neck, Wild Fennel Sausage
Raw Salt Cod, Essex Tomatoes and Black Pepper
Radishes and Butter

Duck Hearts, Wild Mushrooms, Wilted Escarole and Croutons

Yorkshire Grouse – Racine Style
Armagnac Gravy, Bread Sauce, Liver Toast and Game Chips

Poached Victoria Plums, Lemon Verbena Icecream, Warm Madeleines

The grouse dinner takes place on 10 September 2015 at Craft London, Peninsula Square, London, SE10 0SQ. To book, call the restaurant on 020 8465 5910 or book online at craft-london.co.uk/

Image: courtesy of Chris Pople - Cheese and Biscuits