Rabbit restaurant comes to Chelsea from the people behind the Shed

Rabbit restaurant comes to Chelsea from the people behind the ShedA couple of tears after the successful launch of The Shed in Notting Hill, The Gladwin brothers are back with their follow up, Rabbit.

This time it'll be a "celebration of wild British food" in Chelsea

What you need to know about Rabbit

It's billed as "true celebration of British ‘wild food"’ with an emphasis on sustainability and nose-to-tail cooking. The Head Chef Oliver Gladwin (previously at River Cottage and Launceston Place) will again be building the menu. 

The menu's divided up in to "mouthfuls", cured meats, slow cooking, fast cooking and puds. So mouthfuls (all £1.50) includes 

  • Brown crab bomb, lemon dulse 
  • Ham, egg, chips and pineapple weed
  • Beetroot crisp, goats cheese, pear jam, chickweed

The fast and slow menus look equally inventive...

  • Carrot hummus, kohlrabi black seseme stick, yarrow (£5)
  • Venison stogies, fig, tarragon (£8)
  • Rabbit ravioli, bone marrow, hedgehog mushroom, lovage pesto (£9.50)
  • Smoked pollock roe, beer crisps, dill oil (£5.50)
  • Hake, salsify, mussels, sea purslane, samphire, cider, butter (£12.50)
  • Duck liver, crab apple, radicchio, nutbourne bacon, mustard (10.00)

Finally, desserts include:

  • The shed magnum viennetta parfait (£6)
  • Honeycomb crunchy, mascarpone, tarragon sugar (£6)
  • Blackberry, pear tart, meadow sweet ice cream (£6)

As before, it'll be supplied by the family farm at Nutbourne, so at least they shouldn't fall out with their suppliers. And that's not all they're brining from the farm as a tree from Nutbournse (felled by Christmas storms) will be the centrepiece of the design.

And the seasonal ingredients will extend to the cocktails. Apparently we can expect cocktails made from this divers ingredient list: rosehips, wet almonds, cherries, quince, crab apples, dandelion flowers, beetroot, wild garlic and cabbage. We wait with baited breath to see what a cabbage cocktail tastes of...

Where is it? 172 Kings Road, London,SW3 4UP

When does it open? September 30.

For more information, follow them on Twitter @RabbitResto