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Quilombero is comeing to East India Doeck from Rita's Missy Flynn and Gabriel Pryce

Rita's may be gone (for now) but two of its alumni are already preparing their next venture. Missy Flynn, one of Rita's founders and chef Gabriel Pryce, who has also worked in the Marksman, are setting up their next temporary project - Quilombero. It'll be a canteen style restaurant at the workspace campus Republic, over at East India Dock, and sounds very promising.

It's influenced by Italian migration to Argentina - this is all about the meeting between those two cuisines. And meat and fish will be a big part of that. They'll be roasting whole fish from Billingsgate and joints of meat from Farmer Tom and Swaledale on the outdoor grill - and making good use of the wood-fired oven this Autumn with plenty of grouse and partridge on the menu. 

Things kick off with breakfast including "Focaccia with Napoli sausages, roasted peppers, fried egg and American cheese" then there's the lunch and dinner menu which alongside the grilled meats has: 

  • Oysters with brown butter and black beer vinegar
  • Burrata with salsa nero (made with roasted aubergine on the outside grill, squid ink and black salt)
  • Hand-rolled Trofie pasta with fresh pesto.
  • Rita's crispy fried crushed potatoes.

And we always do like the sound of aperitivo hour - so Quilombero's with South American small plates including farinata, empanada and tostada to accompany spritzes sounds great. That'll be daily from 5-6pm. If you're there earlier in the day expect fresh juices for breakfast as well as homemade breads, fresh focaccia and pastries.

For drinks, there will be Italian natural wines and a short, juice heavy cocktail list (any unused juices made in the morning will make their way into these). 

Quilombero opens at Republic, Ground Floor, 2 Clove Crescent, London, E14 2BE on 9 November. Lunch is from Tuesday 8 November and dinner from 10 November. For more, follow them on Instagram @quilomberoldn.

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