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PRESS juice bar opens up in Soho's Ham YardIf you are tiring ever so slightly of burgers and looking to give your system a bit of a rest, sounds like the new juice place opening up in Soho's Ham Yard might be the ticket. PRESS is all about cold-pressed juice (apprarently that's even healthier for you - as the process doesn't pasteurise the juice.

The new bar will feature a seasonally changing menu with over 20 juice recipes using the cold-pressed technique. You'll also find PRESS Pots filled with non-dairy superfood ice cream, and probiotic Sorbets in a variety of flavours, topped with bee pollen and goji berries.

Not looking for something sweet? They'll also have a range of vegetable juices using the best, locally sourced ingredients from London markets, including pure kale juice ? (which contains over 2lbs of fresh kale per bottle).

PRESS opens on Thursday August 14th in the Ham Yard Hotel development on Denman Street. For more information follow them on Twitter @Press_London.

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