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There's a battle of the pizzas heading for Harrods - pitting the Neapolitan ‘pizza’ against the Ligurian ‘pissa’. Taking place in the department store's Pizzeria & Canti Prosecco Bar it'll see Harrods’ senior head chef Giuseppe Silvestri and a less familiar ‘pissa’ from Matteo Riganelli, guest chef Giuseppe Silvestri putting his pizza up for competition with a ‘pissa’ from Matteo Riganelli of London steak chain Macellaio RC.

Giuseppe's Naples pizzas will consist of Vera Nepolitana (tomato and buffalo mozzarella); Pizza ‘Nduja (‘nduja, red onions and provolone cheese); and Pizza Tricolore (white pizza with parma ham, rocket and parmesan). Matteo's Genoese versions will include Pissa all’Andrea (tomato, anchovies, onions and olives); Pissa Marinara (tomato and garlic); and Focaccia al Formaggio (crispy focaccia with Stracchino cheese).

If you can't decide which of the two you'd prefer, head there on Valentine’s Day when for one day only a ‘sharing pizza’ will be on offer with different toppings on either side.

More about Pizzeria & Canti Prosecco Bar

Where is it? Harrods (2nd floor)

When does it open? 9 -18 February. Opening hours are Monday – Friday: 12-9pm; Saturday: 11am-9pm; Sunday: 11:30am – 6pm

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter


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