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pizzapilgrimsWe'd heard rumours about this a week or so ago and now the news is out, Pizza Pilgrims have settled on a second site for their restaurant. They'll be opening downstairs in Kingly Court in late July.

But this isn't just a second restaurant, they're upping the ante with a new offering. Pizza Pilgrims Pizzeria & Frigittoria will not only run with their current popular pizzas it'll also have new varieties, monthly specials and seasonal toppings.

Taking inspiration from the street food scene in Naples there'll be arancini stuffed with slow-cooked ragu and mozzarella, as well as Pizza Fritta – fried calzones filled with sun-ripened tomato, napoli salami, mozzarrella, parmesan, ricotta and basil.

Other new dishes include potato and mortadella croquettes, deep-fried courgette flowers, and melanzane and zucchini fritti. Desserts will focus around Boca di Lupo’s Gelupo gelati – served by cone or cup – as well as Pizza Pilgrims’ signature dessert, the Nutella Pizza Ring.

The new place will also serve up coffee courtesy of Hackney’s Terrone Coffee Co, along with sfogliatelle (traditional Neapolitan pastries) and Gelupo gelati from a dedicated outdoor kiosk, beneath the stairs in Kingly Court.

Pizza Pilgrims Pizzeria & Frigittoria will open late July at 11 Kingly Court, London W1B 5PW

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