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Pizza and burgers finally together at last, as Yard Sale meet Patty & Bun

Gosh, Yard Sale do *love* their mash ups. From Breddos to Rola Wala and NYC pizza legend Anthony Falco, the London pizzeria has been keeping their finger on the pulse of the best trader. And now they’ve announced another one, this time with beloved burger maestros, Patty & Bun.

That’s right - burger will meet pizza, and vice-versa. It’ll be a month long special as both restaurants swap ingredients and serve out two new dishes at each of their restaurants: the Smokey Robinson pizza, and the Holy Pepperoni burger. The Holy Pepperoni, being served up at Patty & Bun, is reworked from a classic Yard Sale pizza, will now consist of two types of pepperoni, ‘nduja sausage and fior di latte mozzarella, all sat gloriously atop a Patty & Bun burger and covered in Yard Sale tomato sauce. 

Meanwhile, the Smokey Robinson served up at Yard Sale is inspired by Patty & Bun’s trademark burger, reimagined in pizza-form, topped with a crumbled H.G Walter beef patty, caramelised onions, bacon and smokey mayo, plus more mozzarella, for good measure, before being baked at 400c. We’re not entirely sure how we feel about it, but based on Yard Sale’s consistently strong cross over track record, it’s most likely due to be another top mash-up.

When: 23 Aug - 19 Sept

Where: All Yard Sale Pizza and Patty & Bun restaurants throughout London

More information: Visit Yard Sale’s website or Patty & Bun’s website.

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