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East London pub Hector & Noble is opening up a BBQ and Spritz Bar for the summer called Pinchy's and the menu looks rather enticing.

The weekend garden pop-up fetures all manner of crustacea on the menu - there's a half or whole lobster with garlic and lemon butter and homemade bread for £10 or £17 respectively. Or lobster brioche roll, scallops skewer, whole crab and tiger prawns - all thrown on the barbie.

Get a Pinchy platter for two featuring scallops, lobster slaw, tiger prawns, homemade bread and salad mix for £16. Sold.

As for drinks - there's all the usual Aperol based cocktails and Prosecco to keep things going.

Pinchy's is open Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 27th May - 10th September 2016 at the Hector & Noble Beer Garden, 233 - 235 Victoria Park Road, London E9 7HD

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