Petersham Nurseries to transform Duck and Waffle into a sky garden for one day


If you feel you're not getting a sufficient sense that the British summer is underway - we may have a suggestion to remedy that. Duck & Waffle and Petersham Nurseries are joining forces for what sounds like a rather magical day. The Richmond-based cafe and nurseries will be transforming the City skyscraper restaurant into a garden in the sky. And it sounds like this one will be rather more successful than the one at Sky Garden down the road.

On Monday 13th July Thomas Broom, Head of Horticulture at Petersham, will bring his team in to turn Duck and Waffle's 40th floor space using all manner of edible plants, flowers and foliage, including wild roses, jasmine, brambles, wild hops and fragrant garlands of herbs. The restaurants' respective chefs, Daniel Doherty, Executive Chef of Duck & Waffle, and Damian Clisby, Head Chef of Petersham Nurseries have worked on a menu together which will be served up for lunch and dinner.

"At Duck & Waffle, we stay 100% connected to our ingredients," says Dan. "From farm trips to see where our vegetables are sourced to observing the cattle in their natural environment, it’s something that is very close to our hearts. Turning the UK's highest restaurant into a soaring garden in the sky is an exciting prospect."

The menu sounds really, really good (see some dishes below) AND a portion of the proceeds will benefit Action Against Hunger. Well how could you not go now?

  • Petersham Garden Salad Beets, crisp polenta & pecorino sardo canestrato 
  • Marinated Scallops Petersham nasturtiums, radishes, lemon, chilli & Zisola olive oil
  • Lavender & Honey Roasted Duck Breast Borlotti beans & gem lettuce
  • Strawberries & Cream Waffle

Tickets are bound to go quickly. They're priced at £60 per person for lunch and £85 per person for dinner. To book email dwreservations@sushisamba.com or phone at (0) 203.640.7310.

Duck & Waffle is on the 40th floor of 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY