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A host of chefs, foodies and writers gathered at Peruvian restaurant Lima yesterday for their Lima experience Nikkei Sunday. Virgilio Martinez (executive chef at LIMA and chef patron of Central in Lima, his wife Leon joined forces with fellow Peruvian chef Mitsuharu Tsumura (Maido) to take us through a Nikkei tasting menu fusing Peruvian and Japanese food and flavours.

Peruvian chefs put on Nikkei Sunday at Lima

The 11 course tasting menu took us through a lot of flavours and ingredients we hadn't the first clue about, our favourites being the porcon mushrooms, squid and wakame which turned out to be a cracker with intense mushroom puree, a twist of squid and edible seaweed, and an eye-popping course (see main picture) of rock fish, clams, sea urchin, tobiko and yuyo seaweed served in a sea urchin shell both by Mitsuharu.

All three chefs were in town for tonight's reveal of the World's 50 Best Restaurants List.


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