Peckham Rye's Coal Rooms will have meat, coffee and a coffee-cured bacon sandwich

Coal Rooms

What: Coal Rooms

In a nutshell: Charcoal-grilled meat, house sauces and flatbreads in Peckham

Summing it all up: What do you get when you mix a team of coffee entrepreneurs with a barbecue expert? Coal Rooms, where red eye gravy is made in a coffee-deglazed pan, and there's more than enough meat for you to pour it over…


Station-waiting made easier

If you make a point of avoiding London’s ticket offices, jam packed as they are with harassed souls barely clinging onto their last shreds of patience, then it might be time to make an exception down in Peckham Rye. 

Coal Rooms, a new restaurant from the team behind Old Spike Roastery is set to open in the station's disused Grade II listed-building, now restored to its former glory. Inside, there’ll be plenty of seats plus counter dining, a private dining room, an in-house butchery and an open kitchen with an ever-popular robata grill. 

Of course, coffee is a big theme here; no surprise given Coal Rooms is the latest project from the aforementioned Old Spike Roastery. Well, coffee and meat. Tonnes of meat. The menu, created by head chef Sam Bryant (Smokehouse, Princess of Shoreditch) is packed full of it. There’ll be beef and pork from Yorkshire, Welsh lamb, goat from Cabrito, dry aged duck breast, smoked eel and pig’s head sausage, roasted bone marrow curry...  you get the idea. 

The whole thing looks set to be a veritable festival for carnivores, who can choose from house sauces aplenty to pour over their meat, like red eye gravy which is cooked in a pan deglazed with coffee, naturally. There’s a few dishes for non-meat eaters as well, like broad bean ragout with green olive, but if you’re a veggie, a restaurant with an in house butchery is generally best avoided. 

That’s the main thrust of the evening menu, but earlier in the day you can drop by for a coal oven-baked flatbread at lunch, or a rather wondrous sounding item called a coffee-cured bacon sandwich (which now we know is a Thing has us raring to find out more).


More about Coal Rooms

Where is it? 11a Station Way, London, SE15 4RX

When does it open? 26 August 2017

Soft launch details: 50% off food 26 - 30 August. Book on their website.

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @coalrooms and Instagram @coalrooms.