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jonfavTo tie in with the release of Chef - Jon Favreau's new movie about a chef quitting his job to start up a food truck business and rediscover his passion for cooking - London's Patty&Bun have come up with an honorary burger for the actor.

The El Jefe or Jon Favreau burger features Brioche, French's mustard mayo, wafer thin English ham, an aged patty, layers of slow roast pork, dill pickles and Gruyere cheese.

"As soon as I saw the film I knew I wanted to bring it to life at Patty&Bun," is how Patty&Bun's Joe Grossman explains the genesis of the burger. "It's a tribute to Jon Favreau, his epic film and his immense passion for food.”

We caught up with Favreau himself yesterday at a screening of the movie in London. To find out where he likes to eat in London - and why chefs in the US aren't so keen on Yelpers, see our story here.

The ‘Jon Favreau’ burger will be available from Monday 23rd June in Patty&Bun's restaurants at St James Street and Liverpool Street and will be on for two weeks.

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