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Our pick of Taste of London 2014

Taste of London is back and for those of you who've been going for the past few years, this summer it comes with an unexpected addition - sunshine. Yes the weather forecast is pretty darned good for the next four days which should make your trip to Regent's Park particularly fun.

Hot Dinners had a quick scout around the festival at last night's opening and did our best to eat as much as humanly possible in the two hours we had (you're welcome). We took pictures of everything we ate and drank and - in no particular order - here are the dishes we enjoyed the most: 

  • Sushisamba - lobster taquitos  with avocado puree, aji amarillo and served with roasted Brazilian nuts (14 crowns)
  • Andre Garrett at Cliveden - Dover sole Veronique with grilled baby gem (12 crowns)
  • Ametsa with Arzak Instruction - Roasted pineapple ice-cream with toasted milk (4 crowns)
  • Chop Shop - pulled pork sausage roll with tomato chilli relish (6 crowns)
  • And - this year's Best in Taste award-winner from Club Gascon - the memorably good barbecued foie gras (7 crowns)

There was plenty we didn't have time to try, so don't view this as an exhaustive list. One complaint we had this year was that a fair few restaurants didn't have a dessert option, so once you've had your fill of pig cheeks and slow roasted rib you might be hard pressed to find something to satisfy a sweet tooth.

And - if you're trying to find your way around the festival - good luck. The maps dotted throughout missed the rather useful 'you are here' factor, so we didn't find the Auction Against Hunger stall until we were on our way out. We may have to return over the weekend to set that right.

Taste of London Guide

This your first time to Taste of London? Use our guide to show you how to make the most of your visit.

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