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The people behind minimalist deli/restaurant Ottolenghi have just announced plans to open a new restaurant on Warwick Street in Soho which breaks free from their existing format of a restaurant and deli.

In a blog that will follow the creation of the restuarant on the former site of The Club Bar and Diner at 21-22 Warwick Street, they explain: 'This isn't going to be an Ottolenghi 5. It will have another name and a different cuisine blend. Imagine it as a child of Ottolenghi, or as a younger sibling, benefiting from much of the experience, but with its own unique temperament. It’s a creation in the making, with plenty of elements still unclear to us.

'We know that we’ll be serving food around the clock in sharing size portions, that the flavours will be bold and “out there”, that the environment will offer solid comfort. We also know that we won’t be selling food to go as we do in Ottolenghi and that we’ll be opening early in 2011.'

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