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Nuno Mendes creates a new wood grill menu at Chiltern Firehouse

Every time we look at a new menu for Chiltern Firehouse, it only has the effect of making us ravenously hungry. And the new wood grill lunch menu is no exception. They've spent a lot of time getting the wood grill just right - using a mix of applewood, cherry, beech oak and hazel and soaked hickory chips. All that's for a menu which has:

  • Wood grilled cauliflower - vegetable XO, sour cream
  • Sea bream - mussels, chicory hearts & almond  
  • Scottish salmon - jalepeño béarnaise
  • Saddleback pork chop - sauce Ravigote
  • Galician bavette - with chimichurri

It's that first cauliflower dish they're most proud of. As Mendes himself says - "it is nicely caramelised on the outside, subtly smoked on the inside and tender to the touch. Slowly smoked to permeate the flesh, it is basted with melted, aromatic butter and sprinkled with Portuguese fleur de sel, and takes almost two hours to prepare… but the result is something magical that might convert even the most devout carnivore." See? Now tell us you're not hungry after reading that.

The new lunch menu is available at Chiltern Firehouse now at 1 Chiltern Street, Marylebone, London W1U 7PA. Find out more about Chiltern Firehouse

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