Number 177 Bar & Kitchen brings a slice of Berlin to Hoxton

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What: Number 177 Bar & Kitchen

In a nutshell: Hoxton meets Berlin in this venue for food, drink, art and music

Summing it all up: With an emphasis on animal-free and gluten-free dining, plus a few burger and craft beers on tap, graffiti and a gallery, Number 90 Bar & Kitchen does a good job of transplanting a slice of of ultra-hip Berlin culture onto Hoxton Street, craft beers and all.


The low-down

Hackney Wick’s Number 90 Bar & Kitchen is about to get a sister venue on Hoxton Street, the Number 177 Bar & Kitchen. It’s a veritable bingo sheet of East London trends - art, music, food and drink will all be given equal focus, and aside from the restaurant and bar there’ll be a gallery, a club room and a sliding wall of graffiti art. It’s all decked out in an industrial style that’s inspired by the “esteemed Berlin bar scene” - they’ve even gone to the trouble of getting in a street photo booth, which visitors to the German capital will be familiar with.

In terms of food, you’ll be able to get your hands on veggie, vegan and gluten-free dishes as well as lots of burgers, including one with blue cheese, a hefty veggie burger and a schnitzel burger. There’ll also be Jaegermeister ice cream - a flavour we can’t say we’ve come across before. If you're after a drink, there'll be creative cocktails, craft beer and while we haven't been informed so, we'd be surprised if Berlin soft drink staple Club Mate didn't make it onto the menu...


More about Number 177 Bar & Kitchen

Where is it? 177 Hoxton Street, N1 6PJ

When does it open? 2 March 2017

Find out more: Visit Number 177’s homepage or follow them on Twitter @number177bar


Photo: Eivind Hansen