New York's Red Farm settles on Covent Garden for its London restaurant

New York' Red Farm settles on Covent Garden for its London restaurant

1/9/18 - updated with the opening date and menu

What: Red Farm

In a nutshell: NYC dumplings in London. 

Summing it all up: The people behind Pac Man dumplings are coming to London. Expect a modern take on Chinese dim sum with a few NYC influences too. 


The Pac Man dumplings invade

It's all about the dumplings at the moment. Not only have we had the recently launched Ugly Dumpling in Carnaby but a heavy-hitter from New York is gearing up to open here too. 

Red Farm is hugely popular in New York, and known for clever twists on Chinese dim-sum. By FAR the most popular and well known of these are their Pac Man shrimp dumplings - a parade of dumplings that look just like the iconic game. For the brief second until you devour them. 

Food blogger and wine consultant Zeren Wilson was the first to post a picture of the London menu on Instagram. Behold! So the key differences we can spot so far as the provenance of ingredients. In NYC, they have Berkshire pork belly. Here it's Dingley Dell. It also seems to be a truncated menu with way fewer dishes than NYC - which is only to be expected as they work towards being fully open. 

Finally open... @RedFarmLDN

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 Their downstairs dive-bar/Chinese restaurant Decoy isn't making it over, but they are planning a cocktail bar Toots n Hoots on the top floor. Read our Test Drive here.




More about Red Farm London

Where is it? 9 Russell Street, London WC2B 5HZ

When does it open? 29 August 2018. Dinner only to start. 

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @redfarmldn.