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temper Covent Garden

What: temper Covent Garden

In a nutshell: Pizza, meet fire and vermouth

Summing it all up: Neil Rankin's  temper restaurant once again reinvents itself, this time the fire-based chain will focus on pizzas with an extensive list of vermouths too.


The low-down

So Neil Rankin's been a busy bloke - hot on the heels of opening Temper City, he's just announced plans for a third restaurant in the growing chain, this time in Covent Garden. It'll open in Spring in Mercers Walk, which is a new office/retail/restaurant development just off Longacre.

As Temper City switched focus towards Indian food, temper Covent Garden will pivot toward pizza - serving up cured meat pizzas - cooked in wood oven naturally - with plenty of vermouth to go alongside that. There'll be two types of pizza to choose from topped with ragus using game, goat and pork.

Early birds will be pleased to hear that this will be the first temper serving up breakfast. That wood-fired oven will be cranking out fresh croissants along with home-cured bacon and sausages.

temper covent garden


More about temper Covent Garden

Where is it? Mercers Walk, Covent Garden, London

When does it open? Spring 2018

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @temperldn


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