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More Ivy Cafes are on the way to Wimbledon and St Johns Wood

The Ivy is continuing to take over London with Ivy Cafes - and two more are already planned for later this year. 

First up is Wimbledon Village - which gets a new restaurant seating 120 - as well as a garden terrace (at the back of the restaurant) and a private dining room for up to 20. Following later, St John's Wood gets a restaurant that seats 100 and will have "Parisian-style, street-tables" in the front too. 

Both restaurants will feature some of the Ivy's best - particularly the ever-popular Ivy Café’s shepherd’s pie, with slow-braised lamb shoulder, beef and Keen’s Cheddar potato mash. And they'll also have the brioche crumbled chicken Milanese with fried hen’s egg, salad mache and black truffle mayonnaise.

As with the other Ivy Cafes, there's a big focus on cocktails - the ‘Garden of the Abbey’ – Elderflower vodka, cucumber apple, lime, cider sparkle and the ‘Negroni tasting set’ - white, classic and boulevardier will both be showing up on the menus.

Both are open seven days a week - Wimbledon opens 1 June 2016 at 75 High Street, Wimbledon Village, London SW19 5EQ and St John's Wood opens August at 120 St. John’s Wood High Street, London NW8 7SG. For more, follow them on Twitter @theivycafeSW19 and @theivycafeNW8

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