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Mister Lasagna is the next specialist restaurant coming to Soho

One of 2016's clear trends has been the rise of the humble pasta dish. And now we have a restaurant opening in London which vows to change the way we think about lasagna forever. Mister Lasagna is the brainchild of founder Alessandro Limone, who wanted to make lasagna like his grandmother made for him. 

There will be a mammoth 21 types of lasagne on the list - and those include:

  • Classics including bolognese, ham & cheese, mushroom, pesto, carbonara, vegetable
  • Four cheese (cheddar, gorgonzola, bechamel, emmental)
  • Napoletana (meatballs, egg, bolognese, ricotta and bechamel).
  • Rotating specials including truffle, pumpkin, smoked salmon, chicken, artichoke, courgette, vegetable, aubergine, cherry tomato & basil, mashed potato & egg, spinach, onion and spicy tomato sauce.

Plus you can choose which sauce to have on top from bolognese, bechamel, mushroom, four cheese or tomato. And for dessert, there's tiramisu, caramel panna cotta and white chocolate soufflé. 

It's an all-day restaurant too (with coffee, traditional savoury tarts and sweet pastries in the morning as it MAY be too early for lasagna). 

They'll have 40 seats inside, with communal tables - and there will be takeaway too. Plus they'll be selling pasta, sauces and a selection of Italian liqueurs.

Mister Lasagna opens on 20 April at 53 Rupert Street, Soho, London W1D 7PG. For more, follow them on Twitter @misterlasagna

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