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Michiko Sushino is a traditional Osakan sushi house from Michiko Koshino

It opened some time ago - but this one somewhat passed us by, so...

Michiko Sushino, a play on the name of owner and fashion-designer-cum-restaurateur Michiko Koshino, promises a ‘traditional Japanese experience’ with ‘authentic sushi prepared with love, experience and precision. Naturally, only high quality fish will be used to make the sushi and sashimi, while the coffee blend will change from week to week. It’ll be served in a fashionable yet basic setting - think exposed beams and hanging brushed metal lampshades.

For traditional sushi lovers, you’ll be able to tuck into your choice of nigiri, from the classic salmon, to sea bass and cuts of fatty tuna ranging from £2 to £4 for a single piece. If you want to go bigger, the Kojiro set of four pieces of nigiri and a salmon roll will set you back £9.50 and include yellowtail, prawn and tuna.

If you’re after hot food, go for a donburi rice bowl, like the eel don (£14), the salmon don (£10) or the Momiji (£11) which comes with plenty of seafood, topped off with crispy nori and traditional kampyo. Yakitori will set you back £3.50 for two skewers.

Rather welcomingly, there’s also a short children’s menu, giving braver kids the option of Mi-chan (£6.50) or the Jun-chan (£7) with a selection of salmon, tuna and a few veggies for good measure.

Michiko Sushino is far from the first designer to have a stab at the food industry, following in the footsteps of Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs and Roberto Cavalli. We can only assume Michiko’s background in careful pattern cutting and fiddly design work will be an asset in the world delicate raw fish cuisine.

Michiko Sushino is at 74 Salusbury Road, Queen’s Park, NW6 6NU. Open Monday - Sunday 12pm - 4pm and 6pm - 9pm. Follow Michiko Sushino on Instagram @MichikoSushino @michikosushino.

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