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MEATliquor launching summer menu with lamb chops, club sandwich and more

MEATliquor launching summer menu with lamb chops, club sandwich and more They're undoubtedly still serving some of the best burgers in town and now, with a book on the way in September, MEATliquor (along with MEATmission and MEATmarket) are adding a whole lot more to their menu for the summer.

The full run-down is as follows:

  • London Lamb Chops - "the highest quality red meat seasoned with a mongrel mixture of Mediterranean and Asian flavours" (MEATliquor only) 
  • The Little Greek - "a mouthwatering lamb burger"
  • Elotes - Mexican street corn with feta, mayo, sour cream, spring onions and lime
  • The Casino Club Sandwich - "the ultimate in toasted, crispy sandwich heaven"  (MEATliquor and MEATmission only) 
  • Das Schweinhund - "a German-style pork hot-dog with sauerkraut and tobacco onions"
  • A Trifle Tipsy - "a trifle so liquored up it's only available to adults and coated in chocolate and nuts
  • Plus - Frozen BananasChicken Nero Salad and Tobacco Onions

The new menu is available from today at MEATliquor, tomorrow at MEATmission and over the coming weeks at MEATmarket. MEATliquor is the only place to get the lamb chops and the Little Greek, the club sandwich is also at MEATmission (Hoxton) and the rest will be available at all three MEAT venues.

Trying out the menu

We popped down last night for a preview of the new dishes, along with some new cocktails on the menu. The lamb chops are amazing - with a decent kick to the spicing, while that club sandwich makes a mockery of anything you've tried off a room service menu. Other highlights were the lamb burger - the first MEATliquor burger to be grilled rather than griddled - and the tobacco onion strings. 

The new cocktails, as you'd expect, are good and strong. The tell-it-like-it-is Booze In A Coconut's a bit spendy at £12 but worth it. But we also loved the Caipiruva too. Check out the full gallery of the new dishes below.

MEATliquor is at 74 Welbeck St, London W1G 0BA. For more from them - follow them on Twittter @MEATLiquor.

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