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What's better than a negroni on a sultry summer's night? Well a whole trolley of negronis of course. Mayfair bar Cartizze has under unveiled its Negroni Trolley - an antique Empire-style drinks trolley filled with everything you need to mix the perfect Negroni at your table.

To that end there are four on offer - a classic (£14) made with Portobello Gin, Antica Formula and Campari; the Cartizze Negroni (£14) with Portobello Gin, Antica Formula, Campari, Aperol and Martini Rosso; a Graponi Negroni (£14) made with Cointreau, Antica Formula, Campari, sugar syrup and clarified grapefruit juice and - if you're feeling flush - the Vintage Negroni (£50), made with 1960’s Carpano Vermouth, Antica Formula and Martini Rosso.

Cartizze Bar is at 4 Lancashire Court, London W1S 1EY. Keep up with news on Twitter @CartizzeBar

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