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Italian steakhouse group Macellaio RC (whose steaks got a great review from Marina O'Loughlin) are about to launch their third London restaurant. Their next opening will be on Union Street in Southwark later this year in the new Union Yard Arches development.

Here's what we know about it so far:

There'll be a few new things specific to this location - an in-house butchery and a Ligurian bakery.

Don't go if you're at all squeamish about raw meat - a stage will extend into the restaurant between two large banquet tables showcasing the best cuts of the day.

Seriously, DO NOT GO if you're a vegetarian - they're planning on having a white marble butcher’s block framed by curtains in the ground floor dining hall, where butchers and chefs will prepare steaks, carpaccios, tartares and cured meats. All very theatrical.

But if you like your dough on the other hand - On the bakery front dough for breads, pasta and pastries will be made in house every day - they'll be selling Ligurian breads like Pissalandre, vegetable tarts, fresh pasta and pastries, including Torta di Bietole e prescinseau (swiss chard and curd tart) and Focaccia al formaggio di Recco.

Macellaio RC will open in Autumn 2016  at Arch 24, 229 Union Street, Southwark SE1 0LR. Keep up with their news on Twitter @macellaiorc

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