Lombardy restaurant Il Cudega to open in Hackney

Lombardy restaurant Il Cudega to open in Hackney

Updated 23/9/15 with soft launch and opening details.

Think Lombardy and think Milan: one of the top foodie destinations in Italy - and now coming to Hackney with a new deli, wine bar and restaurant dedicated entirely to the region opening in London Fields.

Announced late last year, the place will soon finally be ready to open, and there's a lot more information in the run-up. 

It'll have a foccacia bar. These will be cooked throughout the day and served Genovese-style - so that's either plain or with a topping of crescenza (creamy cheese), a thin layer of melting lardo or with bits of salciccia (sausage). So that could be worth the trip alone... And alongside that, they'll have Farinata (also called Cecina) which is a dish made of unleavened chickpea flour that can be eaten by itself or inside the focaccia.

But that's not all. Also on the menu is Risotto Giallo alla Milanese, Osso Bucco, Risotto Giallo Saltato (saffron risotto fried into a thin layer) and Zabaione,  a boozy mix of egg yolk, sugar and Madeira wine, for dessert. 

Plus much charcuterie, cheese and wine too. On the charcuterie list is:

  • Pancetta Cotta (bacon cooked and slightly smoked)
  • Salamino Carbonella (a young salami smoked on juniper wood)
  • Slinzega della Valtellina (similar to Bresaola)
  • Coppa Ubriaca (submerged in Bonarda wine before seasoning).

Plus there will be a deli too, so plenty to take away,

Who's behind it? Giovanni Brighi, who's lived in Hackney for more than 20 years, and his Milanese business partner Luca Gaggioli - and their head chef Paolo Elesbani is from Brescia in Lombardy. 

They aim to link closely to the community. Il Cudega is determined to be connected firmly to the local Hackney community - 10% of all profits will be go towards community related activities and supporting food-related local charities.

And outside space too. They'll be sharing this with the nearby arches  and that'll have bistro style seating, a gelato parlor, bike racks and a greenhouse growing vegetables for the restaurant.

Il Cudega will open in London Fields on Westgate Street on 26 September 2015. They'll be offering 30% off food for folk eating in for the first fouir days. Opening hours will be seven days a week from 8am to 6pm. For more information, follow them on Twitter @ilcudega