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Little Bao from Hong Kong kicks off a week-long London pop-up

LIttle Bao from Hong Kong kicks off a week-long London pop-up

Updated 9/9/15 with images and first-hand impressions

Following our original story on Little Bao below, we were invited in to try everything at the Soho Kitchen pop-up - and we did indeed have almost everything. First things first, this seems very full-on for a pop-up, with the whole menu changed. temporary signage and lots more touches outside and inside. Indeed, having seen the effort they've been to, we'd be VERY surprised if a permanent version of Little Bao wasn't on the cards for a Soho House location in London relatively soon. 

That aside, there were definitely some top dishes on offer in the pop-up. We have to admit that the baos themselves needed a little more work, but both starters and desserts were excellent. A particular shout-out goes to the brussel sprouts dish - with fish sauce caramel, chilli, peanut, lime and crispy fried shallots - which was easily one of the best sprouts dish we've ever had (and we're always partial to sprouts). The very sticky LB fries - with mirin, thai spice, roasted tomato sambal and kewpie mayo - were also excellent, if very, very sticky. Pretty much the first time we've started using chopsticks to eat chips. And the bao desserts were also winners - particularly the salted caramel.

A full gallery of what we tried is below - and you have until Sunday to pop down to Soho Kitchen and try for yourself...

Original story follows...

Here's one to catch this week - Hong Kong's very, very popular Little Bao has a one-week-only residency at The Soho Kitchen and Bar (part of the Soho House group). The chef and owner May Chow is over for the takeover and the menu sounds great. It'll have:

  • The signature baos, including pork belly, Szechuan fried chicken, fish tempura and the vegetarian ‘Sloppy Chan’ (Taiwanese braised shiitake tempeh, truffle mayo and pickled daikon).
  • Sharing plates including sesame caesar, short-rib pan-fried dumplings, brussel sprouts, Little Bao fries, mac & cheese, fried chicken and truffle fries.
  • Plus ice cream baos, including green tea ice cream with condensed milk and salt ice cream with caramel.

it's all no-reservations, so if you ever wanted to try Little Bao without the air fare to Hong Kong - here's your chance.

Little Bao is at Soho Kitchen & Bar, 19-21 Old Compton Street, Soho, London W1D 5JJ from 7-13 September. For more, follow them on Twitter @SKBSoho and @littlebaohk


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