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scallops dishTo Islington this weekend, just a hop skip and a jump away from Hot Dinners HQ to La Dolce Vita Festival of Italian food and wine at the Business Design Centre. Lucky old us had a guided tour around some of the best stands in the show and our favourite things were as follows:

The idea of Giancarlo and Katie Caldesi's beer jelly trifle, made with Birra Moretti. For the recipe, see La Cucina Caldesi website.

Nudo's great foodie gift of an olive tree adoption tin - complete with a taster of the olive oil harvest you get from your tree that year.

Perpelio's organic chardonnay - floral and sweet and a huge hit at just £8.50 a bottle. Call us superficial - but we also liked the beautiful label.

Theo Randall's scallops with lentils and chilli -  three juicy scallops served in a shell and as delicious as it sounds.

And best of all - the Mozzarella bar - where the cheese was flown in from Naples the night before.

The festival is on all weekend and you can buy tickets on the door.

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