L'Anima to expand next door with L'Anima Cafe

L'Anima to expand next door with L'Anima Cafe8/7 - updated with launch details.

Whenever we talk to people about L'Anima, hidden away in the City, we hear nothing but praise for Francesco Mazzei’s high end Italian restaurant. We've also been hearing details about the upcoming L'Anima Café for some time - it's been on Coming Soon for a while - but it's now finally nearing its launch date.

L'Anima Cafe is opening right next door to L'Anima on Snowden Street and promises to offer "rustic Southern Italian food made fresh daily on the premises using bold ingredients to produce heart-warming seasonal dishes."  On the launch menu is:

  • Gamberi in guazzetto picante (King prawns, Sicilian tomato sauce)
  • Pizza provatura e broccoli (Mozzarella, Tuscan sausage, broccoli, grana padano)
  • Baba al bergamotto (Bergamot liquor baba)

Alongside that we're promised wine directly from the barrels, prosecco on tap, cocktails and artisan Italian beer (or Italian coffee and fresh juice).

If you don't have time to wait, there's also a deli which will be very handy for nearby city folk. Thet'll be open 7:00am to 6:30pm every day, selling charcuterie, sandwiches, salads plus hot food and home-made pasta. 

L'Anima Cafe is at 10 Appold Street, London EC2A 2AP. For more information, follow them on Twitter @lanimacafe