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kimchi2After a successful pop-up earlier this year, popular street food purveyors Kimchi Cult have now set up shop in the Black Heart pub for the long term.

They've just started a six month stretch in the pub, serving the Korean food that's made them a big street food hit. So if you're heading down for a few pints, you'll have plenty of Korean-style fast food to go with. That means kimchi burgers, bulgogi fries and twice-fried chicken wings, plus they'll be trying out some new items, including LA-inspired Korean tacos and will be experimenting with various banchan (Korean side dishes) on a weekly basis.

Kimchi Cult are now open at the Black Heart Pub at 2 Greenland Place in Camden from 5pm – 9pm Tuesday to Thursday, and from 12 noon to 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Find out more from them on twitter.

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